Granite base frame

  • Minimized vibration, corrosion and deformation caused by heat
  • Enabled coping margin to be thinly designed
  • Minimized margin chipping and hand finishing work

Maximize productivity

  • Unmanned overnight and weekend operation by auto loader (DM-5P/5A)
  • Operation of multiple machines by remote program (MAXX LINK)
  • Automatic tool management (8 Auto tool changer)

User-friendly MAXX

  • Auto calibration
  • MAXX LINK for remote service, operation and training
  • Continue milling function to save time
  • Tool sensor to detect tool breakage
  • Compatible with all scanner and CAD (open system)

AC Servo Motor

  • Minimized hand finishing by precise milling
  • Stable milling with AC servo motor (all products)

Embedded PC (10.1”)

  • Fast and easy operation
  • Check and change setting of machine easily
  • Connect PC and machine with MAXX LINK to check, send files and start milling remotely
  • Perform customer service immediately through MAXX LINK

Fast and powerful spindle

  • DS series: 500W
  • Metal and titanium milling: maximum 2.7kW
  • Maximum 60,000rpm : All products