Dental Milling Machine
for Dental Labs and Clinics

Design and create precise dental restorations efficiently with MAXX Series.

Dental Milling machine for Dental Labs and Clinics to create dental restorations

Your satisfaction is our ultimate goal

* Minimization of post-processing
* The Best fitting of restorations
* Automation of loading & unloading

MAXX Series - Premium Dental Milling Machine.

3 Reasons to choose MAXX Series

Our product lines

Zirconia, Wax, PMMA, Glass Ceramics, Polyurethane, Metal, Custom Abutment milling

Chairman: 1-day visit dentistry

- Faster Milling Times. Unprecedented Accuracy.
- Chairside machine designed for dental clinics.

DS200 Series: Custom Abutments (Occlusion Milling)

- Small Footprint. Maximum Accuracy and Precision.
- Ideal for Small and Medium Dental Labs

DM200 Series: Implant Bar milling

- Strong 2.7kW spindle for metal milling
- 24/7 Automated Milling. World-Class Tolerances.
- Materials: All materials can be milled

ATM-10: Aligner Trimming Machine

- Compact design: Clear orthodontic aligners

Dental Milling Machine

Our MAXX Series dental milling machines offer the best in the market milling solution in a line-up for full digital dental manufacturing

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